Monday, October 26, 2009

We were featured! Also new sales and items

Hey everyone! Happy Monday morning. I hope everyone is doing well. Things are busy as ever here so I apologize for the lack of updates.

Anywho we were featured on the 23rd by a fellow blogger and artisan. First things first please check out the blog we were featured in by Andrea. Thank you so much for the feature Andrea! Check it out! And please check Andrea's artfire shop. She has some fantastic items perfect for the holidays: see her blog here.

And now for our sales!

As you guys already know Threaded Chains is having a sale on all $3 patterns. Buy any three $3 vintage sewing patterns for only $7 and each additional three is only $7 more.

Now, we have also listed some more patterns from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. So to help close out October with a bang we're going to give you 15% off on these 40s, 50s, and 60s patterns but only until midnight on October 31st. That's this Saturday! Don't miss out!

Both these sales can be combined in one transaction because they don't interfere with one another, so get shopping everyone!

And lastly we have some brand new items. Currently they are only listed on Etsy but I am working to get them onto Artifre and Shophandmade. Also, for my Artfire and shophandmade shoppers please know that not all of my patterns are yet on my Artfire or shophandmade shop. But EVERYTHING is on Etsy! Please bear with me as I get things transferred and situated.

For now though, come check out the lovely new handmade pieces I've listed, they make perfect gifts for the holidays as stocking stuffers or anything else you'd like to hide under your tress or give as gifts for Hanuka or any other holiday you celebrate! :3 See them here and here!

One last thing, Halloween is fast approaching. I still have TONS of lovely Halloween items in my shop. Purchase by tonight or tomorrow and request priority shipping so you can have them by the holiday.

That's all for now, I'll be updating more later so keep your eyes peeled. For now, I'm off to help my father set up our huge Halloween display, pictures will come soon!

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


Threaded Chains

Sunday, October 11, 2009

HUGE Sales, get 15% off AND 10% off Plus New Iterms!

So I'm going a little crazy with sales. There is lots to celebrate in the month of October!

Columbus Day is Monday. On top of that Threaded Chains has achieved over 100 hearts on Etsy. And as if that wasn't enough we're painfully close to our 30th sale. And I'd like everyone's help to achieve our goal of 30 by or before the end of October.

So to celebrate the holiday, our 100th heart, and our ever closer sale goal of 30 I am offering everyone the opportunity to pick any one item of their choice and get 10% off on it. The only items excluded from the sale are the Destash vintage sewing patterns since those are not my items (they are my mother's). Everything else is fair game!

And I'm offering a special reward to whomever gets sale number 30. I'll give that sale 20% off the ENTIRE order for eligible items (again, excluding vintage sewing patterns). And, if that sale has spent more than $10 BEFORE I apply the discount I'll even throw in a FREE gift at no extra cost. The 20% cannot be combined with other offers.

We're just 4 sales away from 30!

As if those sales weren't enough Halloween is fast approaching and Fall is well underway. To help everyone accessorize for the Holiday and the Fall season I'm giving everyone 15% off all items that are Halloween and Fall related. The discount has already been factored in so all you need is to simply check out as you normally would. AND if you are buying anything up through Monday at midnight eastern standard time you can combine the 10% Columbus Day sale offer. And you can STILL pick the item you want the extra 10% off on!

Cool huh? So now is the perfect time to buy if you've had your eye on anything. And don't forget the 3 for $7 sale on all eligible vintage sewing patterns. (There is only one pattern currently not eligible and it's labeled so in the description.)

Please make sure you check my other sections BESIDES the Halloween and Fall one! There are items in the Reduced and Clearance section that have had an extra 15% taken off them for the Fall and Halloween sale and there are some Destash items of mine also eligible for the 15% off.

Check out my Reduced and Clearance section here:

I just listed all the rest of the patterns I currently received from my mother, but we have lots more coming soon.

Check out my Destash and Vintage section for all the patterns AND I also have some beads and other craft supplies listed in there as well:

Thanks for reading and happy Shopping!


Threaded Chains

Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend sale plus new items added!

Hey everyone! I have some awesome news!

From today, Firday the 25th through Sunday, midnight, the 27th for any purchase of $15 (before shipping costs) you'll receive a FREE pair of earrings! You can choose from one of THREE (3) styles! You have your choice of Czech glass pumpkin bead earrings, skull and cats eye bead earrings, or black, orange, and white cluster cats eye bead earrings. There is NO additional cost for shipping these earrings. They are completely FREE!

NOTE: Please leave a comment in the note to seller box upon final checkout OR convo me on Etsy to let me know which pair of earrings you want for free. If you do not contact me I will not send your free earrings. Please be sure to contact me IMMEDIATELY because when I get orders I pack them and seal the envelopes to have them ready for shipping immediately upon your payment. If you are purchasing from me on please leave a comment to this blog entry regarding your free purchase OR e-mail me at Artfire purchases please send me a note on Artfire or leave a comment in the note to seller's box upon checkout regarding your choice of earrings.

And, if you choose, we can change the base parts to gold plated if you prefer at no extra cost to you! The earrings pictured are all made with silver plated fish hook earring bases or stud earring bases with backs, silver plated jump rings, and silver plated pin head findings. All cats eye beads are grade A, the highest quality you can get with cats eyes!

You can also purchase these earrings separately without having to participate in the sale.

There is a limit of one free pair of earrings per person. Please do not try and buy through seperate accounts just to get a free pair. If I find out you will be banned from any and all future promotions that Threaded Chains has either on it's own or any that it participates in.

In other news I have finally gotten the new items posted that I've been promising! I now have items listed that the co-founder of Threaded Chains, who is also my best friend, has made. She makes some awesome cell phone charms. However they also can double as charms for just about anything. In fact I even have one she made for me hanging on my PSP!

Be sure to check back often for more items from her and also future collaborative items made between the two of us.

And lastly I have some vintage sewing patterns posted with tons more coming. I'm listing these patterns for my mom. We're currently in the process of cleaning up my grandmother's house and she has tons of these vintage patterns that are largely uncut, complete, and NEVER used. There are a few that have been partially cut or entirely cut but none of them have actually been used to make anything. Here and there I may get some that are missing pieces but I will ALWAYS let you know within the listing if that is the case. And just about all of these patterns come with their original instructions AND envelope.

I'm told that there are some patterns I still need to see that have missing envelopes but are complete sets.

I'm also holding a sale on these vintage patterns. You can buy ANY 3 patterns for just $7 instead of the normal price of $3 each. Each additional 3 patterns will be only $7 more and so on.

I request that you PLEASE contact me if you wish to participate in the 3 for $7 sale. I will then take all the patterns you wanted and put them in one custom listing with combined shipping included. Do NOT purchase the individual listings. If you do I will not be able to give you the sales price.

This sale will not end until all patterns are sold or there aren't enough for the 3 for $7 sale. You can find all these patterns on our Etsy shop or on our store.

That's all for now. Stay tuned this weekend for more items and don't forget Threaded Chains also accepts custom orders!

Thanks for reading and Happy shopping!


Threaded Chains

Monday, September 14, 2009

Appologies, But I have New fancier beads! Please read within

Hello everyone. I hope you've all enjoyed the summer while it lasted now that we are nearing the Fall season and soon, Halloween.

Let me say first I apologize for my absence. Work has been pretty crazy as of late so I've been exhausted by the time I come home. The good news is I've been able to make a trip to Michaels and I've acquired some very lovely semi-previous stone beads and a few natural beads, mostly Freshwater pearls but also some lovely shell beads. I also should be getting some steam punk parts in soon so expect steampunk jewelry in the future. I've been slowly collecting bits and pieces for such a project.

Speaking of new pieces to play with I invested in some sterling silver jewelry parts so expect some higher quality pieces featuring those. It won't be much in the beginning but it should give you all a taste of what I can do with finer quality pieces.

In other news please don't forget Threaded Chains is participating in a Mega Giveaway lasting all of the month of September. So check out this blog and these two etsy stores: Jewelrybysolange and BeadieandThings. There are a lot of other shops also participating so please take a look!

That is all for now. Sorry for the delays in getting some new items up. I am working hard on getting some newer and shinier things made and posted!

Thanks for reading and happy Shopping!


Threaded Chains

Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Sale + A Mega giveaway!

Hello everyone! I just want to apologize for not updating for awhile. Things got a little crazy but we did have a few sales! Also, our Halloween and Fall Items are out so please come take a look! If you want to see them please go here.

I've been busy updating and running about trying to get settled. However, there is good news! My partner finally got her items photographed so I WILL be posting them tonight! She has a whole bunch of gorgeous cell phone charms, though really they're great for everything as I have one on my PSP. Please check back in the charms section of our Etsy shop for those or check our shop for them.

I am also going to be posting up my mother's vintage clothing patterns. She has quite a lot of them so check back for them!

Now onto our sales information for the weekend!

Starting today, September 4th and continuing through Monday September 7th at 12 pm eastern standard time all items in the shop (excluding the charms and vintage patterns, sorry!) are 20% off. The discount will be taken before shipping costs are applied. The discount also doesn't apply to any items that state clearly in their description that they are not part of the sale. Any other discounts of ours that are floating around out there (and there are a few) cannot be combined with this 20% offer. Be certain to check out our Etsy announcement on our front storefront page as well, it will list all the details.

Now, on top of having our big labor day weekend sale Threaded Chains is also participating in a huge mega giveaway! 30 shops, including us, are involved so there will be 30 winners. Please check out the Mega Giveaway thread on the Etsy forums here and also check out the giveaway blog here.

Please also disregard our prize expiration date. I will be contacting the giveaway owener and having her remove it so that our prize will have NO expiration date. Good luck to all who enter! It's really easy! :)

That will be all for now. Thanks all for reading and we hope to see you around for our next update. And we hope someone who follows us will win our prize in the giveaway!

Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping!


Threaded Chains

Friday, August 21, 2009

Free Shipping +

Hello everyone. Happy Friday!

In celebration of the new weekend and the hopeful end to everyone's work week (mostly mine since I get this entire weekend off for a change!) Threaded Chains will be offering free shipping.

Date Start: Friday (right now) through midnight tonight (8/21/09)

From now until midnight, on the 21st of August I'm offering free shipping on one item when you buy any two items in my shop. Free shipping will apply to whichever shipping fee is the lowest of the two items.

Refunds on the shipping for the free shipping item will be refunded via the original method of payment. If you are paying by check, cash, or money order simply don't send the payment for the cheapest shipping cost. I will let you know what it is before you send me the payment.

If you are paying via paypal then I will refund the money to you back through paypal.

Convo me if you have any questions. :)

Take advantage of this while you can. It will only last for today. This offer is good on all of Threaded Chains' store fronts.

And speaking of store fronts we are now on! Please come and see us here.

Please note our new widget off to the right of the blog as well. And as always we will make sure to update here if any exclusive sales are happening on any of the store fronts we have running.

Now that we have some more followers I would like to mention that we have a guest book here on the Threaded Chain's blog. It's called the Quilt. Please add your own "patch". Even if you don't follow this blog any signatures to the quilt would be appreciated.

Since I have this weekend off I will be hopefully working on making some Halloween beads. So perhaps by Saturday or later in the weekend I can have some nice hand made Threaded Chains Halloween beads up for sale.

Would anyone like to see me make some Halloween buttons? I know not all the followers here make jewelry. I've been thinking of it. Either way expect some polymer clay beads and maybe even buttons too!

Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping!


Threaded Chains

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We're now on Art Fire + Discount through Thursday

Hello everyone!

Today's update I'd like to just say that new items have been posted. I've started getting out some fall and Halloween inspired pieces. I'm also looking to dabble in making my own hand made Halloween beads so please look forward to seeing that soon.

Also before I discuss anything else I spoke with my friend, who is part of Threaded Chains, and she will be getting photos up of her charms. She makes some lovely cell phone charms but they are good on anything! I have one on my PSP. ;) I will work on posting them as soon as she has the images up and ready for me. So expect big updates in the future.

And I want to mention that my journal for Threaded Chains is about a week or so out of date. Should anyone be interested in purchasing items from us outside of Etsy please contact me and I'll help you out personally. Sorry for the delays! Life has run off with me and work is crazy.

Here is a link to our Etsy shop Fall/Halloween section.

Next I want to say we are now on ArtFire! For anyone who doesn't know what that is I can say it is very similar to Etsy but has some key advantages. I'm hoping to try and become a premium/validated member for life. I need to get 12 friends to sign up with a validated/premium account and mention Threaded_Chains was the one who recommend you. You MUST sign up with the validated/premium account though when you first sign up, NOT the basic account, otherwise it won't count toward my 12 friends.

On the plus side if this happens I can pick one friend to receive the same benefit: a free validated account for life and no monthly $12 fee.

I will pick someone of whomever the 12 people are to receive the promo with me. Help Threaded Chains out!:

Register on

For the time being we only have 12 of our items listed on there (as that is all the basic account allows) but I hope to eventually be able to get the validated premium account free for life so I can add more.

I also mentioned a discount. Aside from that I'm going to be participating in a giveaway for the next few months (possibly more depending on how things go). Jewelry by Solange is holding a giveaway. For the month of September, starting on the 1st all the way through the 30th, prizes from different Etsy shops will be given away. So far Threaded Chains is on the list for both September and October.

In the month of September we will be giving away a 15% off coupon on any order of $10 and up. In October we will be giving out a coupon for free shipping on any one item which will include Delivery confirmation.

So if you want to try and win one of my prizes or add your name to the list for the November Etsy shop sign up please visit Jewelry by Solange's blog or see her thread.

Now I also mentioned Threaded Chains is having a discount sale through Thursday. It started today, Monday the 17th and will continue through the 20th, Thursday, this week. Everyone who buys something will receive 5% off their entire order, before shipping. And as always we have Delivery confirmation for all orders. Even the newest additions that I posted the other day are part of the 5% off sale.

If you purchase from us through Artfire the discount is already calculated into the totals that you see listed. Another handy feature of Artfire. It does all that crappy math for us and we won't have to do all the round about refunding like we would if you order through Etsy.

That is all for tonight. I'll update with more information on the above topics as I learn more info or have new things to add.

Thanks for reading and Happy shopping!


Threaded Chains

Friday, August 14, 2009

First Post & Hellos

Hello! And welcome to the Threaded Chains blog. My name is Remmie and I am one of the members of Threaded Chains. I do all of the updating and such.

I'd like to say thank you for coming to read our blog entries. We're happy you stopped by. :)

We dabble in making key chains, hemp jewelry, wire jewelry, stretch string jewelry, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, anklets, book marks, eyeglass and sunglasses holder strings, children's jewelry and there is always potential for more!

At times we may feature items made from our close friends or family so be on the look out for those. I will be sure to post to the blog whenever such items become available. They could range from anything from Vintage items to custom made items like bookmarks, prints, and more!

To get right down to business I'd like to clarify how Threaded Chains operates. At the moment we sell our wares through both and For those not in the know Etsy operates like a store front and you can complete full transactions there automatically. On the other hand our "store front" is really just a journal post with picture thumbnails, pricing, information, shipping, etc listed out all in one post.

To order anything from our shop through you must either have a account (which is completely free) so you can contact us via note OR you may simply e-mail me, Remmie, directly at and simply label your subject "Purchase from Threaded Chains" and let us know which of the products listed in our journal you're interested in. The same applies to the private message (notes) system on DA. Label your subject appropriately and let us know which items you're ordering.

In regards to shipping, totals are approximate for Etsy but if you order from us through Deviantart we can drastically reduce the cost because each transaction is more personal and customizable when completed freely away from Etsy.

All our policies are listed at both Deviantart and Etsy. If there are any concerns, questions, or comments please feel free to contact us through Etsy, Deviantart, e-mail, or through our blog here.

I also want to mention that we may, at times, post certain items exclusively on either or We will not accept any orders for those items from other locations other than where we have them listed.

Also, don't forget that we take custom orders!

On a more personal note I, Remmie, take art commissions. My price list can be viewed on my account here and there are links from there leading to both Threaded Chains information and my personal Commissions journal.

Be on the look out for Halloween Themed items soon! I'm working on some items now and have plans for others.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


Threaded Chains

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