Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crazy Train!

Hey everyone, I've got another awesome seller for you guys to come and check out. She makes really gorgeous hair bows as seen to the left.

She also has humorous burp cloths too. You can check her shop out on artfire.

Click here to see Puckleberry's shop!

In other news I have a very busy schedule this coming week, hopefully I'll get to blog my new photos for you to see. I'm aiming to get a lot of things accomplished Monday and Tuesday. Stay tuned!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Crazy Train Promotions & Updates & Ad Space!

If you haven't done so already you must check out this seller on artfire. She has a fantastic shop filled with jewelry, incense burners, soap dishes, and tons more. She also makes wonderful polymer clay creations, many of which are not only jewelry but handmade bead supplies. La De Da Creations pretty much has something for everyone.

See La De Da Creations here!

If you don't understand the title of this blog let me explain...

As you are all aware I've been working on updating my store fronts. Well, my Artfire has officially been updated. It now has all my listings that are on my Etsy page. I have also caved in and bought a pro account a few months back. It allows me to do a lot of things on there I otherwise couldn't, making shop sections is one such thing which becomes a necessity for someone like me who lists multiple creations in many categories.

If you haven't been to see my artfire shop please stop by and have a look. Prices are all the same but I won't always have the same sales promotions up for all my store fronts. This means I could have exclusive sales for buyers on my artfire like free shipping, whereas I wouldn't be offering that to any Etsy buyers during that promotion time and vice versa.

Come see Threaded Chains on Artfie here!

In other news my store policies have changed. Most things are the same, just reworded. I wanted to minimize how much I had written but still highlight all the important things. I understand it may seem long to some of you but please understand, everything I have listed IS important.

In blog related news I will be updating this journal to have a pages layout. I will also look into getting my shop policies on here for everyone to see be you someone who found me through Etsy, Artfire, or Shophandmade.

Fortunately and Unfortunately I do not have such a free schedule next week. This week I only had one day scheduled at my day job (not my choice). I was allowed so much time to work on my store. Next week I have four days, including this Sunday and next Saturday. of course, I will be working on Threaded Chains every second I am able in between.

I've got some neat pics I want to share with everyone.

I had hoped to have some new items listed this week, but it's looking like I will be postponing my posting still as I have my store to update yet.

I am doing a few short bursts of advertisements for Threaded Chains. Check out facebook, maybe you'll see my ad! On the 17th I will also be showcased on Etsy in the Necklaces and Earrings showcase sections. Keep your eyes out for that.

Lastly, in regards to advertising I will be looking into having a space on my blog here for anyone interested in purchasing ad space. I will be figuring out ad sizing and placement on my blog page within the next few weeks, hopefully sooner. I'll be offering spaces up on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Don't worry, it will be cheap! My blog is connected to my Threaded Chains facebook page and I have links up to it on all my store fronts, plus I mention new blog pots via facebook, twitter, and in etsy (soon to be artfire as well) forums. Anyone purchasing ad space will also be up for getting direct promoting from me as well. I have over 90 likes on facebook and counting, plus over 200 followers on twitter, and counting, so there is tons of potential for you to get additional shoppers coming in to your store.

My goal is to be eventually able to remove Google Adsense from my blog. I dislike it and it isn't bringing in any revenue for me. I would much prefer to advertise handmade artisans or vintage sellers. Supplies sellers of both commercial and handmade goods are also welcome too.

If anyone is interested leave me a comment here, convo me on Etsy or Artfire, see me on facebook, or shoot me an e-mail at Just be sure to title any off blog or facebook inquiries in the subject line with "Blog Adspace" or something to let me know who you are.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New items + Treasuries & More

Well it's late Monday night and Labor Day is drawing to a close, so happy Holiday to all! I hope everyone is had a fantastic weekend.

To celebrate the holiday Threaded Chains is having a BOGO sale!
Buy any two handmade items and get the third item half off. Plus you'll receive FREE SHIPPING if you participate in the BOGO sale. Vintage items and destash that I've listed for my mother (not including my two personal destash bead listings) are not included in this sale and are also not eligible for the free shipping. However, as always, if you do buy jewelry and vintage items your shipping will be combined.

The other day I had the chance to get my new items outside to take pictures of. I have recently gotten into wire wrapping and bought some briolettes to experiment with. I made a gorgeous little earring line with this technique using gold and silver wire. I also had some extra wire wrapped beads so I made cute little necklaces with them. I had a minor misshap with one pair of my silver earrings so they aren't available in lavender briolettes yet, but as soon as I get that pair made I will get the pictures taken.

I also wire wrapped some other pieces, some sharp oval deep red glass beads(in both gold and silver wire) and some sunburst color shell beads of which I chose two yellow colored beads and wrapped in silver wire.

I have also started making some semi precious stone jewelry. I work for a department retail store and I see such highly priced pieces when I know I can make something way more affordable.

There are so many more pieces I have and all the ones here still need to be listed. Hopefully I will be able to do so tomorrow.

For now though I need to begin the long process of updating my artfire shop. Once that is complete ShopHandmade will also get an update. Unfortunately facebook will have to wait until my three main stores are situated.

I would also like to mention I was featured in a blog today! Come check it out, you can read the little mini interview over at Hali's Lost and Found. Be sure to follow her blog and maybe even leave a comment. You could be the next person she features!

And of course I have been busy making treasuries. I didn't get to make one today but I hope to do so tomorrow. I had a handful of items needing some treasury love! My second treasury also had one of it's items sell. Please head on over and check these treasuries out, maybe even give the featured seller's a sale! Both are Halloween themed:

All Hallows Eve #1:
All Hallows Eve #2:

That's all for now. I have a lot of work to do! Enjoy the last 20 minutes of the three day weekend! :)

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