Friday, July 20, 2012

Glass Pearl Earring Giveaway!

Because a lot of people had trouble entering the last giveaway on last Friday, my winner and I decided to wipe the slates clean and try again!

Please read the entire blog post carefully. Read ALL the rules and instructions on how to enter.

Unlike last time I will not be so lenient and help people along if you don't do EXACTLY as the instructions and rules say.


You will win a custom made pair of glass pearl earrings done in your choice of glass pearl colors (there are 17 total to choose from) on either gold or silver plated ear wires and findings.

To see pictures and examples of all the colors I offer please click this link!

And here are some group shots of all the colors on the gold and silver plated ear wires:

Who Can Enter

ANYONE can enter! The Giveaway is open worldwide.

How to Enter

Answer the trivia question below by leaving a comment on this blog. Please ALSO include a valid e-mail address with your answer. You can look up your answer via search engine, ask a friend, ANYTHING you need to find the answer! Don't forget to enter the captCHA code when you go to submit your answer or else your comment will not post!

The FIRST PERSON to answer the question correctly and leave their valid e-mail address will be the winner.

Trivia Question: In the Stargate television shows, what is the name of the character that Richard Dean Anderson plays?

Good luck!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Whimsical Photography

As an artist I appreciate many aspects of art. I have always been more into drawing and within recent years creating handmade items like jewelry and accessories. But one thing I have a huge respect for is photography. It has always been an art form that has somewhat eluded me in the past. As time has gone on I continue to improve especially now that I must take crisp, clear photos of my jewelry and vintage items when I list them in my online studios and social networking sites.

I admit, I envy photographers that sell prints because it is something I have always wanted to do but never had the true talent to achieve. But this doesn't stop me from looking through shops and "ooh"ing and "ahh"ing over photos that grab my attention.

I really adore whimsical, and fantasy based or inspired artwork. But sometimes I can be pleasantly surprised and taken by imagery of very real life things or people.

At the end of the day though it always comes back to nature and animals.

These images are just the very tip of the huge cache of gorgeous prints that Photographer and Artist Danny have to offer in their Etsy shop named Maximonstertje.

But she doesn't just offer prints. She also has a beautiful selection of jewelry, postcards, and even iPhone cases.

I am continually inspired by the artwork she lists and I am always eagerly awaiting her Facebook updates so I can catch sneak previews of her newest print.

Be sure to check out Maximonstertje Photography on:

I hope you all find her work as inspiring as I do. I am hoping to get a print or two from her to hang on the walls of my studio here at Threaded Chains.

And for the month of July she is offering FREE WORLDWIDE shipping! That's such an awesome deal. :) Just enter the code FREESHIP at checkout to get free shipping on your order.

May the rest of your day and week be filled with wonderful art, inspiration, and love.

~ Remmie

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Winner Chosen!

The winner for my Friday the 13th giveaway has been chosen! Congrats to Maureen for winning. :)

That said there are some things I need to say to clear the air, as this giveaway has upset me a bit in regard to how some people have acted.

For the future I may need to rethink my giveaway strategy. I was a little disappointed with the very small turn out but to be fair it was a very spontaneous giveaway with little notice. There was also some big squabbling that went on after I started receiving entries so I may not offer my giveaways to include friends and family in the future. I can also just run all of my giveaways using rafflecopter.

As a reminder to anyone participating in future giveaways, please make sure that you read all of the rules thoroughly. I let a lot of things slide this time because it was my first real giveaway. In the future I won't be issuing reminders to those entering if they don't follow all of the rules. Reading everything and all of the instructions is key!

I hope that for my future giveaways this sort of thing doesn't happen again or I may have to ban people from participating in my giveaways altogether and I don't want things to have to come down to that!

We are all adults, so I hope for the future we can all act as such.

I apologize for this mixed feelings blog update but these are things that needed to be said. I am going to try and enjoy the rest of my weekend before heading off to my day job tonight.

Don't forget, it's still Christmas in July at my shop so even if you didn't win the giveaway you can still get a great discount on all items in my shop through July 31st! Hop on over to my Etsy Studio or my Artfire Studio and use the coupon code XMASINJULY10 at checkout to get 10% off your entire order!

~ Remmie

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