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Everyone that has met me through Artisan sites knows me as Remmie, or just Threaded Chains. My real name is Donna. But please, I still prefer to be called Remmie!

...It's a little messy in here...

I started Threaded Chains back in 2009 with my best friend Michelle. I know she was apprehensive about it, but I thought she'd warm up to it (I swear!). However, since then the business has sort of become my baby. I was the one to suggest it's name, and she was more than happy to allow me to do all the promoting, updating, etc. Knowing that her main passion is drawing I am more than happy to continue on this business venture alone, but I will always look forward to the days when she has items for me to sell for her. :)

I am located in Wayne, New Jersey. It's a town riddled with every kind of retail store you could think of, but no book store. Go figure.

Currently the business is run out of my bedroom/studio. But someday I'd like to expand to, say, another room of the house? :D I still live at home with mom and dad and they are the sole reason I'm able to dedicate a lot of my free time to my new craft as I live with them rent free.

In any case I'm a Artisan of many crafts. My first passion was drawing, when I started back in the 7th grade, teaching myself with print outs of "How to Draw manga" sheets from http://howtodrawmanga.com/.

These are just some of the images I have done.

Top Left: Me in my Halloween Costume (totally not to my true proportions, I'm so not thin, lol) - Colored Pencil
Top Right: Hiei from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho - Digital inking & Coloring - Cell Shading
Bottom: Black Cat persona I created for my mom (who is Black Cat on the Halloween forums) - Digital inking, Painting, & Background rendering

I'm not really sure where my artsy genes come from, but I do know my parents are creative in their own right. We're huge Halloween nut jobs and my parents make the props we display each year. Our house went from getting 13 kids the first year we moved in to over 500, including adults (and one dog!) in recent years. The number varies but seriously that's a lot of candy! We switched from doing static displays in 2004 (I think) and that was when we started acting within the haunt.

~Random facts about me~
  • I'm an ex-college student (with lots of debt)
  • I adore gothic, punk, lolita, and rockabilly fashion, though I can be a fashion dork when it comes down to it...
  • America's Next Top Model is one of my fave shows (so is Project Runway)
  • I am a gaming geek. Final Fantasy is my all time favorite game series.
  • I adore girly girl fashion though I certainly don't wear it.
  • Within the next 5 years I would like to withdraw from retail entirely and be self reliant on my art/Threaded Chains
  • I'm a natural blonde but will soon (hopefully) get to dye my hair black
  • Animals are my addiction - I can't ever have enough pets (We have: two dogs, three birds, two turtles, three cats, and one bunny!)
  • I am easily addicted to things.
  • I love love love handmade items! Jewelry, lip balm, soap, shampoo bars, scarves, etc.
  • I'm a writer.  I've been slowly (very slowly) developing a comic story since middle school. Since then I've developed many other ideas.

If anyone has questions please feel free to post them here. If I ever have enough to make a FAQ I'll make a new page for it. :)

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