Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Discounts Coming + Happy Wednesday!

It was a great weekend! I know it's Wednesday but I've been quite busy. I made five sales this past weekend in four days, it was really exhilarating! I hope someday that things can be this way on a more daily basis. Until then I am striving hard to promote my shop.

I'v also been featured a few times! I was featured on #Hemp Today. Checkout the #Handmade section especially! And a pair of my earrings were also showcased in a beautiful treasury on Etsy. Check out Shades of Turquoise and Metal now and share it with everyone you know. :)

I thought I would take the time to let you guys know that I have some discounts coming, and some that are already here but you may not know about.

Earlier in the day I set up a rewards feature with the Threaded Chains facebook fan page. Once it is cleared you guys will be able to get 10% off all of my handmade jewelry through my Etsy shop. The discount can't be combined with other offers though but it will apply to your entire order of jewelry! I'll make an announcement once the promo is up and running. In the meantime you can visit the My Etsy Shop app on the Threaded Chains facebook fan page and get 5% off right now! I won't keep the discount going for too long though so take advantage of it while you can! :)

I am also working on getting my Artfire store front up to date and current. Bare with me in the meantime!

And for any of you interested in making a purchase from me but you don't want to have to buy through Artfire or Etsy I am now accepting orders manually if you see anything in my Facebook photo gallery that has been updated with a price. Just send me an e-mail at or note the fan page with which items you'd like. I'll be happy to work out a payment method with you that works to suit your needs.

On a last note be prepared for a HUGE overhaul of my shop policies. They are outdated and a little convoluted with all the text there is to read. I will be fixing that so it is much easier to find the info you need quickly and easily and not have to scroll forever to find it. :)

Before I go, here's a look at the weekend's hottest items that sold in my shop. :)

You can see these items in My Etsy Shop!

I have tons more I'd like to say but I have to rush off and get ready for my "day" job. I have a huge announcement though, so stay tuned! I'll be updating tomorrow. :)

~ Remmie

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