Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We're now on Art Fire + Discount through Thursday

Hello everyone!

Today's update I'd like to just say that new items have been posted. I've started getting out some fall and Halloween inspired pieces. I'm also looking to dabble in making my own hand made Halloween beads so please look forward to seeing that soon.

Also before I discuss anything else I spoke with my friend, who is part of Threaded Chains, and she will be getting photos up of her charms. She makes some lovely cell phone charms but they are good on anything! I have one on my PSP. ;) I will work on posting them as soon as she has the images up and ready for me. So expect big updates in the future.

And I want to mention that my Deviantart.com journal for Threaded Chains is about a week or so out of date. Should anyone be interested in purchasing items from us outside of Etsy please contact me and I'll help you out personally. Sorry for the delays! Life has run off with me and work is crazy.

Here is a link to our Etsy shop Fall/Halloween section.

Next I want to say we are now on ArtFire! For anyone who doesn't know what that is I can say it is very similar to Etsy but has some key advantages. I'm hoping to try and become a premium/validated member for life. I need to get 12 friends to sign up with a validated/premium account and mention Threaded_Chains was the one who recommend you. You MUST sign up with the validated/premium account though when you first sign up, NOT the basic account, otherwise it won't count toward my 12 friends.

On the plus side if this happens I can pick one friend to receive the same benefit: a free validated account for life and no monthly $12 fee.

I will pick someone of whomever the 12 people are to receive the promo with me. Help Threaded Chains out!:

Register on ArtFire.com

For the time being we only have 12 of our items listed on there (as that is all the basic account allows) but I hope to eventually be able to get the validated premium account free for life so I can add more.

I also mentioned a discount. Aside from that I'm going to be participating in a giveaway for the next few months (possibly more depending on how things go). Jewelry by Solange is holding a giveaway. For the month of September, starting on the 1st all the way through the 30th, prizes from different Etsy shops will be given away. So far Threaded Chains is on the list for both September and October.

In the month of September we will be giving away a 15% off coupon on any order of $10 and up. In October we will be giving out a coupon for free shipping on any one item which will include Delivery confirmation.

So if you want to try and win one of my prizes or add your name to the list for the November Etsy shop sign up please visit Jewelry by Solange's blog or see her thread.

Now I also mentioned Threaded Chains is having a discount sale through Thursday. It started today, Monday the 17th and will continue through the 20th, Thursday, this week. Everyone who buys something will receive 5% off their entire order, before shipping. And as always we have Delivery confirmation for all orders. Even the newest additions that I posted the other day are part of the 5% off sale.

If you purchase from us through Artfire the discount is already calculated into the totals that you see listed. Another handy feature of Artfire. It does all that crappy math for us and we won't have to do all the round about refunding like we would if you order through Etsy.

That is all for tonight. I'll update with more information on the above topics as I learn more info or have new things to add.

Thanks for reading and Happy shopping!


Threaded Chains


  1. I enjoyed your blog! Your jewelry is so pretty and I love the musicthat accompanies the jewelry!

  2. Thanks rabbit. :) That music is actually from a video game series that I adore, not sure if you're familiar with it or not. I just thought it would help me stand out. And it's set to random so it will hopefully be playing different songs each time you sign in.

    I've heard a few that I don't mind but think need to be removed because I don't think they're appropriate for this particular blog.

    And again thank you for your sweet comments about my jewelry. I'm glad you enjoy my pieces. I am working on updating photos though. I'll have another entry up soon with updates. <3


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