Sunday, October 11, 2009

HUGE Sales, get 15% off AND 10% off Plus New Iterms!

So I'm going a little crazy with sales. There is lots to celebrate in the month of October!

Columbus Day is Monday. On top of that Threaded Chains has achieved over 100 hearts on Etsy. And as if that wasn't enough we're painfully close to our 30th sale. And I'd like everyone's help to achieve our goal of 30 by or before the end of October.

So to celebrate the holiday, our 100th heart, and our ever closer sale goal of 30 I am offering everyone the opportunity to pick any one item of their choice and get 10% off on it. The only items excluded from the sale are the Destash vintage sewing patterns since those are not my items (they are my mother's). Everything else is fair game!

And I'm offering a special reward to whomever gets sale number 30. I'll give that sale 20% off the ENTIRE order for eligible items (again, excluding vintage sewing patterns). And, if that sale has spent more than $10 BEFORE I apply the discount I'll even throw in a FREE gift at no extra cost. The 20% cannot be combined with other offers.

We're just 4 sales away from 30!

As if those sales weren't enough Halloween is fast approaching and Fall is well underway. To help everyone accessorize for the Holiday and the Fall season I'm giving everyone 15% off all items that are Halloween and Fall related. The discount has already been factored in so all you need is to simply check out as you normally would. AND if you are buying anything up through Monday at midnight eastern standard time you can combine the 10% Columbus Day sale offer. And you can STILL pick the item you want the extra 10% off on!

Cool huh? So now is the perfect time to buy if you've had your eye on anything. And don't forget the 3 for $7 sale on all eligible vintage sewing patterns. (There is only one pattern currently not eligible and it's labeled so in the description.)

Please make sure you check my other sections BESIDES the Halloween and Fall one! There are items in the Reduced and Clearance section that have had an extra 15% taken off them for the Fall and Halloween sale and there are some Destash items of mine also eligible for the 15% off.

Check out my Reduced and Clearance section here:

I just listed all the rest of the patterns I currently received from my mother, but we have lots more coming soon.

Check out my Destash and Vintage section for all the patterns AND I also have some beads and other craft supplies listed in there as well:

Thanks for reading and happy Shopping!


Threaded Chains

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