Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stickers, Stickers, and more Stickers! + Item of the Day

My first apologies for not updating in a few days. There are many things going on in real life that have kept me from being able to update.

My family and I are in the process of moving to my grandmother's house. My parents have been actively trying to fix up the place for her for over two years now. Finally they hired a contractor to come in and redo the driveway and the sidewalk leading from the driveway to the front steps...but they botched it! The contractor never excavated the sidewalk and the
y botched the stonework that is to line both sides of the driveway. On top of that they butchered the sidewalk. They set the cement and black work right on top of dirt, not gravel as was requested vehemently by my parents, and to top it off when they set the cement they didn't put in good enough supports so the outside edge of the entire walkway is now wavy/scalloped. The surface is also highly pocketed and uneven and there are cracks and gaps in places where water can seep in. It's been a fiasco. I've even had to go and house sit as we have caught word from one of the bosses (who let it slip while talking to my dad) that some of the people have been coming to the house while we aren't there. We haven't moved in yet so my parents don't get to go over there until late afternoon when they both leave work.

However, I have been working on Threaded Chains as well. I have simp
ly been working more days last week and also this week. Tonight and tomorrow are my last two days for the week and then I should hopefully have much more time to work on new pieces, update my shop fronts, and continue my renovations with the store. Thank you SO much to everyone who is hanging in there with me and being patient and supportive as I work hard on improving my customer service initiative and overall SEO and other aspects of my little business.

I am also starting my first Item of the Day promotions! Each day I will choose one item from my shop and offer it up for a sepcial discount. It could be anything from a percentage off, free shipping, or you could even get it FREE with the purchase of another item or maybe even get a few dollars off the original price.

~*~Item of the Day~*~

A one of a kind black and white stone and
glass bead charm bracelet. It was originally $6.75 but is is now 15% off for the 21st of September ONLY! Don't miss out on this great deal. The item expires off my Etsy shop on the 26th of this month so Etsy shoppers snag it while you can! You can also get this deal on my Artfire shop.
Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/29336476/sale-bracelet-ooak-wire-black-beads
Artfire: http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=Shop&op=listing&product_id=384766

~*~Item of the Day~*~

As promised though I have shiny new pictures for you! All orders are now wrapped and fancified, it's like receiving a little gift in the mail. I have taken great lengths to find stickers to use as seals on my tissue paper I use to wrap my items when they sell. I don't have any images of all the colors I have for tissue paper but I do have pics of my stickers!

This is just an overview of what I have. I left out some on mistake that I ordered from someone on Etsy. ):

Here are some little overviews of some of my holiday/seasonal stickers!

And lastly here are some shots of my wrapping. Blue and
red just happened to be the two colors of tissue paper I chose for the order I was shipping out the day I took these photos.

Every package is different and I never put two of the same stickers on packages within any order. For the time being all tissue paper that I use is being recycled from what I had used to stuff my mother's present bags for her birthday back in August. I used a TON of tissue paper (I not only stuffed the bags but I wrapped all her gifts inside the bags with it too) so I am now taking the opportunity to recycle it instead of allowing her to throw it away. She got neat gifts and I got to keep the 'garbage' so we're both happy, lol.

If anyone is interested in seeing all the photos I took (I got some close ups for my stickers and some of the packaging) please check out my flickr page. I would love more contacts on there as well!

Check out my flickr page here: Threaded Chains on Flickr!

Also I am nearing my goal of 150 fans on facebook. I have joined the group #LINKLOVE so come on by and check out my discussions tab, you can leave your links too. I have a special offer for all my fans if I can hit 150 before Friday the 24th. Think you guys can help? I only need 7 more! Just click the button on my sidebar to go right to my facebook page. :)

And as a little extra teaser here are two more photos of some of my new jewelry that I will be posting soon.

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  1. Hi :) Thanks for visiting my blog - the other day. I enjoyed reading your post on the item of the day and the stickers. Your work is beautiful! I love the grape-style earrings.


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