Friday, October 5, 2012

Craft Show Prep

Things are starting to get rather busy as the days are just flying by, counting down towards the day of the craft show! Believe it or not I am still trying to acquire some supplies for the show.

I'm still working on the shop and it's definitely tough trying to get things listed on Etsy while thinking ahead for what I will need come November 3rd. One of the things I have been stressing over is prepping one of my mannequins. I was lucky enough to acquire a full torso with head and realistic face through a Haunter (Halloween) friend. She came to me bald and has some minor damage plus paint peeling. My dilemma has been agonizing over whether I want to tackle trying to re-paint her. I'm just too in love with her current face and know that I can't make an exact re-painted copy of it (since every artist's style is different).

Instead, I opted to try and find a wig that could cover the paint peeling on her forehead and just a few weeks ago I found the perfect one. It shipped from China and I was worried it wouldn't arrive, but it just got here two days ago.

With all the rain we've had I had I wasn't able to get outside to take pictures of her until today.

My biggest concern is covering up her breasts. The person who owned her before me painted on nipples so I can't leave her naked. She also, sadly, did not come with arms or legs, so I have had a hard time locating a shirt for her to cover the holes in her arm sockets.

I'm definitely very happy with how she is coming along. I've seen many mannequins that don't have nearly as nice a face as this one does. A lot of the ones I have seen have that dopey/droopy eyed face coupled with an elongated facial structure that makes them look less realistic. Sadly, though, she still has no name.

In regards to shirts I found this awesome shop on Etsy called Couth Clothing. I've been talking with the shop owner, Daniel, and she's been a pleasure to work with. I've already picked out this shirt and this sheer top. Please go check out Daniel's Etsy shop, I assure you that you won't be disappointed! I'm also super excited to be show casing another Etsy artisan's work in my craft show display to help me in promoting my jewelry and accessories.

In other news please be aware that come November 3rd I will be putting my shops on Vacation. So if you have had your eye on any items in the shop don't hesitate! Whatever sells at the show will be removed from both my Etsy and Artfire shops before I make them active again. Only my Vintage sewing patterns and other Vintage items will remain unaffected. Any jewelry items, accessories, or other handmade items of mine will be subject to removal if I sell them at the show.

Well, I'm off back to work. Have a great Friday everyone, TGIF! :D

~ Remmie

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