Friday, July 4, 2014

Christmas in July! (Yes, It's That Time Already)

Another blog post you say? What?! Sorcery! Alas no, not quite! But Halloween is really just around the corner. Soon, my lovelies. Soon. ;)

But is is July and it's the 4th so...Happy Independence Day!

I hope you are all having a wonderful and safe day. I also hope you didn't have to work today and got to enjoy the day at home with your loved ones. It cooled down here significantly and I am enjoying the reprieve from the nasty, sticky heat. It rained (thanks in no small part to Hurricane Arthur I'm sure). Despite the cloudiness the rest of the weekend will be sunny albeit hot and probably sticky again. But for today I enjoyed my time indoors and playing around in my shop. My family postponed our BBQ plans until tomorrow so it all worked out.

But with July comes other things. What you ask? Well, Christmas in July of course! I'm celebrating in my Etsy shop (and soon my Artfire shop) with 15% off everything: Handmade, Accessories, Vintage, AND Clearance! Just put in coupon code CIJ15 during checkout for your discount. It also applies to custom orders too!

I'm not the only one celebrating. Many, many shops around the handmade, vintage, and supply community are too. I took some time out of my evening to put together some lovely little treasuries. If you haven't begun thinking of what to get people this holiday season or you just don't know what to get for everyone why not take a look? There's a little something for everyone. :)

Share the links around if you can to help gets these fabulous shops some added exposure. Have a great weekend everyone!

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