Monday, August 11, 2014

Music Monday for August

So it's Monday (I think) and I'm running around like a crazy person. I've got many many craft shows happening. One is just two weeks away (I really need more hours in my day...) and I have not one now, but TWO shows in September for back to back Saturdays. The first one is one I just found out about and will be shooting my application off to later this week. The other one is the one I did back in May. I also heard back from the Wayne, NJ show I've been dying to get into and my spot has been reserved. That application will be on it's way later this week as well. I'm super excited! I'll be busy busy busy from now into the foreseeable future. :)

Anyway! I will make announcements for these independently as they grow near. Expect another blog entry for the August show on the 23rd either later this week or  early to mid of next week.

Enough of that though. I know I shared this band a few months back. But I really love them and listen to my Pandora radio station for them almost every night I work my day job. They're having a concert at a great little venue on Black Friday this year. I'll miss going but I'm hoping maybe next year I can see them!

Anyway I hope you enjoy!~

Halestorm - Here's To Us (Contains some explicit language!)

Halestorm - Freak Like Me (Contains some imagery not for kids!)

Halestorm - Bad Romance by Lady Gaga Cover

I hope you enjoy the music! I'll see you all in the next post. :)

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